Director and Educators

The Director is responsible for the overall management of the centre, including the day to day running of the service. His/her role is to promote a positive organisational culture, build effective partnerships and a professional learning community.

Managing for quality, the Director’s role is to inspire, guide and strive for best practice, continuous improvement and the best outcomes for children and families.

The Director also ensures that effective budgeting and financial accounting processes are followed, sound administrative systems in place and there a safe and healthy environment for the children, educators and families.

The Director reports directly to the Committee of Management.

Highgate has a dedicated team of early childhood educators who bring with them a wealth of knowledge, experience and culture. Our educators are respected for the important work that they do and recognise that they can promote a culture of learning, a sense of connectedness, belonging and well-being. They work with optimism and agency to maximise the learning for each child in their care.