Our Background

In 1982, a group of Ashburton Toy Library parents felt that there was a desperate need for occasional day care in the area. As a result of their concerns, a public meeting was held at the Ashburton Library in mid-1983 and about 30 volunteers formed a committee for the childcare centre project. Almost a year was spent in discussions and negotiations with the (then) Camberwell City Council, seeking their support for the project and identification of a site. Time was also spent analysing the feasibility of setting up a privately run centre and looking at the availability of State or Federal Government funding.

Finally, in 1984, the Federal Government decided to fund a childcare centre in the City of Camberwell for 30 places, on the condition that the childcare centre would be located in the South Ward and more specifically, Ashburton.

Building commenced early in 1985 and after some delay Highgate Grove Childcare Centre was officially opened in August 1986, four years from the initial public meeting. The centre was extended in 1993 allowing for five extra places to be made available, and for the Kindergarten program to be introduced.

In 1995 at the urging of the centre’s Committee of Management, the City of Boroondara acquired the residence behind the Centre. As a result, additional Federal funding was applied for and approved in 1996, to extend the Centre to accommodate a further 20 places. The result is a 55-place centre that we enjoy today.