Our Toddler Room provides care and education for up to 15 children each day aged from 18 months to 3 years. A total of 5 educators are employed to work in this room and bring a wide range of skills and knowledge in order to provide a high level or care and education.

Children’s independence and initiative is encouraged to help increase their awareness of the world around them. Encouragement of self-help and independence skills as well as fostering the development of positive social skills and interactions are part of a meaningful learning environment.

The Toddler Room’s outdoor play area comprises a surface of tan bark and rubber soft fall, climbing equipment, sandpit and a host of portable play equipment to assist in developing many skills. The area is shaded with a large awning and by the surrounding trees.

Music program

As part of the curriculum we include music and movement. These experiences are included in the weekly program and are extended upon according to children’s emerging interests and needs. Music and movement is used to develop language and literacy, numeracy, physical motor skills, creativity and promotes a strong sense of identity, belonging and well-being.

Play based learning

We encourage our toddlers to engage in discovery through painting, drawing, building, story times and through both individual and small group activities and experiences. These are changed and developed on a regular basis to build upon children’s interests and learning needs.


Literacy is a relevant part of everyday life for young children. We want them to build positive messages and attitudes about literacy.   We encourage them to participate in rich play learning experiences that supports and promotes all aspects of their learning and development.  As Highgate is located next door to the Ashburton library, the children visit the library on a regular basis and are encouraged to choose books to take back to their room and share with the other children.

Play time

Both indoor and outdoor play is recognised as a great avenue for learning and the room operates an indoor/outdoor program where possible. The program is structured to provide children with opportunities for learning through utilising all their senses and for progressively discovering and mastering new experiences.

The children also look after a little herb, fruit and vegie garden.  They take great pride in planting, watering and picking the fruit and vegies.


Meal times in the toddler room are focused on providing a positive experience.  Children are provided with an interesting variety of foods and allowed  to exercise some choice in what they eat.  Educators take time to eat and talk with children during mealtimes and create a sociable environment.  Where possible, children are also encouraged to assist with serving food and drinks and tidying up after the meal, to encourage independence.

Rest and Relaxation

We endeavour to meet each child’s individual needs for sleep, rest and relaxation and will do so in consultation with you.  The children have a good daily schedule, which encourages plenty of physical activity, so that rest time follows naturally after lunch.  We create a calm, quiet room during rest time.  Sleep information is made available during pick up.